How to apply

Applications for bursaries from Italian students are processed by Signore Antonio Millozzi, of Monte San Martino in the Marche. Sig. Millozzi* has been the Trust’s representative in Italy since the Trust was founded, and his assistance – and that of his son, Giuseppe – has been invaluable.

Applications either come directly to Sig Millozzi or through schools or town halls in the areas from which the Trust recruits. These areas tend to be where PoW camps were concentrated, and in the hills and villages along escape routes.

A list of potential students is then handed to Keith Killby, the Trust’s founder, and the Hon. Letitia Blake, Trust secretary, for the final selection. Bursaries are awarded to students showing a strong desire to improve their English and to become acquainted with British culture. Bursaries can be used at any time of the year, but students usually arrive in the summer.

Before their departure for the UK, students liaise with Edward Gretton, the Trust’s students’ organiser in the UK about their accommodation and flights arrangements. Although students book, and pay for, their own flights from Italy, they are met on arrival at UK airports by volunteers from the Trust who take them to their home stay with a family. This means that a young, and possibly nervous, person – perhaps making his or her first solo trip abroad – is immediately placed in good hands and put at their ease.

The Trust is very grateful to these volunteers and is always looking for more members to play this invaluable role.

Before their arrival, students are sent a Welcome Pack electronically, giving information about travel to the UK, their language school, the course they will attend, and recreational opportunities. Click here to see the 2012 Welcome Pack.

At the end of their bursary, each student is required to complete a feedback form, assessing the bursary on the following criteria: tuition; accommodation; contact with the Italian representative; contact with the UK student organiser; and reception by the Trust volunteer on arrival. Students are invited to comment on how the bursaries might be improved.

*Sig. Millozzi can be contacted at [email protected]

Enquiries can also be directed to: John Simkins, Administrator, Monte San Martino Trust, at [email protected]