Life at Sforzacosta: Paul Bullard

Throughout his life, Paul Bullard (1918-1996) never forgot the kindness of the families who sheltered him after his escape from Sforzacosta PoW camp in the Marche, eastern Italy, at great risk to themselves if detected by the Germans or Fascists.

Copyright Imperial War Museum / Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Paul lived on a number of farms and kept in touch with the families after the war. A painter, writer and lecturer, in the 1980s and 1990s he produced an illustrated memoir of his wartime adventures, which his son Alan has placed onto a website. Arranged in chapters starting with Paul’s capture in Libya, and handsomely illustrated with photos and Paul’s drawings, this is an informative and beautifully written description of life as a prisoner and subsequently on the run.

In 1946 Paul painted the accompanying picture of Sforzacosta camp, which is now in the Imperial War Museum.

The Trust is very grateful to Alan Bullard for bringing his father’s story to our attention. It can be read at