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Casa della Memoria di Servigliano

Central School of English

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Live and Learn Italian

(Live and Learn Italian is an intensive language and culture holiday in the small town of Agnone, in Alto Molise, a territory where prisoners of war were helped by the contadini. Engage with the community while studying Italian, visiting cultural sights and cooking.  Mention MSMT when booking, and L&LI will make a donation for each student.)

WW2 Escape and Evasion Information Exchange

(The WW2 Escape and Evasion Information Exchange website was launched in 2010 as an extension of the Conscript Heroes site. Included are an Escaper List with 4,400 names of men known to have escaped or evaded successfully, lists of MI9, IS9, LIB and MIS-X reports, as well as various articles and lists of men helped by some of the larger escape lines. The site is also intended to encourage enquiries and the free exchange of E&E.)